Comments - Build Environment Setup for Linux

8 years, 10 months ago Bart Houkes

For an ARM processor on the Cubietruck 3.0, I did following steps to compile the software. Feel free to try this:

tar -xf mariadb-10.0.11.tar.gz

sudo apt-get install bison cmake libncurses5-dev automake autoconf libtool zlib1g-dev openssl unzip libxml2-dev libboost-dev libjudy-dev -y

rm CMakeCache.txt

cmake CMakeList.txt

make all

sudo make install

I did "rm CMakeCache.txt" because I forgot to install some dependencies and the cmake stops every time. Cleaning the cache is the only solution.

Also, this doesn't work on the internal NANDA flashdisk. You have to install an external hard disk on the cubietruck, because 2GByte is not enough for this program and all temporary data.

Between the steps, you can relax some hours, because ARM is not compiling too fast...

Now the software compiles, I wonder how to start it??? :-) For mysql, it asks a password and username.. but during this installation nothing is asked and there is no service started.

5 years, 10 months ago Enrique Alvarado

HI! Is there any way to compile mariadb with galera (10.1) on ARM? or alternate way to install 10.0 + galera?


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