A Few Questions About MariaDB

I am starting a new SaaS project, and I am looking at installing MariaDB 10.x for some testing. Below are a few questions I have.

1. Most of the time in MySQL, I would use the InnoDB storage engine in which I used constraints and foreign keys. Is this feature present in XtraDB and/or Aria db engines?

2. If the feature is present in both of them, can you point me in the right direction to see a compare and contrast of the Aria and XtraDB storage engines?

3. Does MariaDB recognize the mysqli function or only the mysql function?


1. In XtraDB yes, in Aria no.

But note that currently 10.0 is alpha quality and not recommended for production use. And currently in 10.0 we do not have XtraDB, only the original InnoDB from MySQL.

3. Yes, both mysqli and mysql, and generally any mysql client should work with mariadb just fine.


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