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The mroonga, formerly named groonga storage engin, will be included in the future MariaDB 5.3 release.

The mroonga is a full text search storage engine based on the groonga library, that is an open-source CJK-ready fulltext search engine using column base.

With the mroonga, you can have CJK-ready full text search feature, and it is faster than MyISAM's full text search in both updating and searching.

How to install

If you built mroonga as a plugin, enable it by the following SQL.

mysql> INSTALL PLUGIN groonga SONAME '';

Then install a UDF (User-Defined Function) named "last_insert_grn_id", that returns the record ID assigned by groonga in INSERT, by the following SQL.

mysql> CREATE FUNCTION last_insert_grn_id RETURNS INTEGER SONAME '';

[NOTE] By historical reason, the plugin name and the library name are named 'groonga' instead of 'mroonga', but it will be renamed to 'mroonga' in the future release.

More Information

Further documentation for the mroonga can be found here:


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