Connect to mariadb from Power BI in direct query mode. Step "source" results in a query not supported in Direct Query mode

Hi all, I have installed the Mariadb 11.1.2, then I tried to connect from Power BI in direct query mode to a small Mariadb databaser. I am using the Mariadb connector 3.3.7-GA for windows x64

The connection to the Database works fine, I can see the table in Power Query, but when I click on the first step ("Source"), I get the yellow message "This step results in a query that is not supported in DirectQuery mode"

I tried with an older version of the connector (3.1.22) but I got the same message. I also tried with an older version of Mariadb: (10.9.8) same message.

Do you have an idea? Thanks in advance.



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