ASP (C0000005) errors with MariaDB Connector/ODBC 3.1.15 (64bit)

Hello, I changed driver and now I am getting these errors. Before that I was using a MySQL driver and connecting to MariaDB 10.1. Now I moved to MariaDB 10.6, connecting using ODBC 3.1.15. Can it be that the driver is not supporting ASP classic? Is there maybe a different driver I should be using? Maybe the C driver? Or could it be the way the driver is being initiated that my application pool is crashing? Thank you.

Answer Answered by Lawrin Novitsky in this comment.

You've hit the bug in the driver, and the best way to proceed would be to open issue in our jira(!default.jspa), there you could provide more diagnostics so we could find and fix the issue. Thank you!


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