Audit Plugin v1.1.7 Not Logging Connect

Hi there,

I've installed the MariaDB Audit Plugin version 1.1.7 and it's configured to log CONNECT and QUERY but it only seems to be logging Disconnect events and not the Connect, even if the Connect has failed.

I've tried changing syslog and file outputs and changing the logging to only be Connect but this problem persists.

Here's the settings I'm including in the my.cnf

plugin-load                             =
server_audit_events                     = connect,query
server_audit_file_path                  = /var/lib/mysql-logs/audit.log
server_audit_file_rotate_size           = 10G
server_audit_logging                    = ON
server_audit_file_rotations             = 0


Answer Answered by Ian Gilfillan in this comment.

There's no good reason why it shouldn't be logging connects, so I suggest posting a bug report with more details so that the problem can be looked at.


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