Bidirectional replication

I have a user that requires a bidirectional sync as below:

Primary system is a windows server. I need to replicate the database for their application in real-time to a backup hosted system (CentOS 6) so all records are available in case the primary system is unavailable.

Once users start using the backup hosted system, I would need any changes made on the backup (new records insterted) to automatically be pushed back to the primary (master) server so there is no loss of any new records and the users can revert back to using the primary system with no data loss. I don't need failover of the application itself as they will manually switch between the apps on the 2 systems, just need the db istelf replicated both ways. What's the best way to achieve this? TIA to all.


Answer Answered by Gabriel Preda in this comment.

There are 2 things that come to my mind immediately:

- Master-Master replication (also called Circular replication - that is B replicates from A, and A replicates from B.

- MariaDB Galera Cluster - but for now it is not available on Windows and you might need a 3rd node

I would go for Master-Master replication.


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