Connection refused — log says it's a bug but it's working OK elsewhere on the same server.

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I'm not sure how to report or seek help with this issue. I'll be happy to post all the details here if that's appropriate, otherwise I'm really just looking for a pointer towards some help!

I run a server with a few WordPress sites. All of them are working except for one: requests for that site lead to signal 11 and a refused connection, and the log says I should report it as a bug. But the first step is to check if it's a known issue, and I have no idea what in the error log is significant and what isn't.

I can log in to the same database on the command line without any problems, so it's not the credentials.

I recently upgraded the server OS and MariaDB, and I was experimenting with memcached to see if I could improve performance, but the site was definitely working for some time after I did all that, a couple of days at least.

How do I go about reporting this issue? It seems hard to know how to approach it because it almost looks as though it might be a WordPress issue, except that the other sites are working and it is MariaDB that refuses the connection and tells me there might be a bug.

I would really appreciate any advice!


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