Buildbot Setup Notes

General setup instructions are available in the BuildBot manual, specifically in the section on Setting up a build slave.

In addition to installing BuildBot on the slave host, it is also necessary to install all the tools needed to branch MariaDB from Launchpad and compile it. It is a good idea to first manually branch the code from Launchpad and successfully build it, as otherwise a lot of time may be needed fixing things one at a time as new builds are started and fail in one way or the other.

Unfortunately, bzr is memory hungry, so at least 1 Gigabyte of memory is recommended (you may be able to squeeze through with less, but bzr is a real memory hog). A few Gigabytes of disk space are also needed to hold the build directory.

Here are some detailed instructions for various systems:

See the Buildbot TODO for plans and ideas on improving Buildbot.


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