caching_sha2_password authentication plugin

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Caching SHA256 first send a SHA256 encrypted password. MySQL server has an in-memory cache of SHA256 key for successful authentication. When a cache hit occur, the connection is validated, if not, using some more steps to a process similar to sha256_password.

Caching SHA256 authentication possible exchanges:

SHA-2 encrypted password

Encryption is XOR(SHA256(password), SHA256(seed, SHA256(SHA256(password))))

"fast" authentication result

result of fast authentication.

0x03 value means success authentication. 0x04 value means continue

Client clear password answer

Public key request

Value send is not 0x01 like sha256_password use, but 0x02

Public key response

RSA encrypted password

RSA encrypted value of XOR(password, seed) using server public key (RSA_PKCS1_OAEP_PADDING).


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