can not get past 150+1 as my max connections

I am running under Windows Server 2016. Maria database version 10.3.15. I keep running out of connections. I have added the max_connections=400 to my my.cnf, however, it does not seem to honor the parameter. After I restart the server and check, I still am at 150+1 connections. I have been running this database for 9 months, but I am a newbie and recently, with more activity, I need to increase my connections. Also, I use myphp 7.3.6.

Thanks again if you can help.

Answer Answered by Andy Badi in this comment.

Yes, I know! It makes no sense. I believe what has happened is user error on my part. I had a copy of my old my.cnf in a different directory. I am running Windows Server 2016 and I typed my.cnf in the search bar. I suspect (facepalm) that I was editing the old my.cnf in error. Thought I had triple-checked to make sure if was the correct one. This is what happens when one is tired after a long day at work!

I am just glad it is working now!



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