Can't backup galera cluster with

I have configured a galera cluster with 2 nodes. All work fine, but when I use the wsrep_sst_mariabackup script to backup the cluster whit this command

sudo wsrep_sst_mariabackup --backup --target-dir ./sav --user xxx --password xxx --galera-info --role joiner --address localhost

I got a timeout exception.

Apr 30 11:33:52 ubuntu -wsrep-sst-joiner: Streaming with xbstream Apr 30 11:33:52 ubuntu -wsrep-sst-joiner: Using socat as streamer Apr 30 11:33:52 ubuntu -wsrep-sst-joiner: Evaluating timeout -k 110 100 socat -u TCP-LISTEN:4444,reuseaddr stdio | mbstream -x; RC=( ${PIPESTATUS[@]} ) Apr 30 11:35:32 ubuntu -wsrep-sst-joiner: Possible timeout in receving first data from donor in gtid stage Apr 30 11:35:32 ubuntu -wsrep-sst-joiner: Cleanup after exit with status:32

If I look more over, I can see that galera cluster does not listen on 4444 port for backup.

Here is the galera cluster configuration


  1. Mandatory settings wsrep_on=ON wsrep_provider=/usr/lib/galera/ wsrep_cluster_address="gcomm:," binlog_format=row default_storage_engine=InnoDB innodb_autoinc_lock_mode=2 wsrep_cluster_name="galera_cluster" wsrep_node_address="" wsrep_node_name="Node1"
  2. wsrep_sst_method=rsync wsrep_sst_method=mariabackup


Stéphane GINER

Answer Answered by Geoff Montee in this comment.

The wsrep_sst_mariabackup script is used by the server to provide the mariabackup SST method. It is not a script that should be used to back up the cluster.

If you would like to back up the cluster with Mariabackup, then I would recommend following the instructions on how to perform a full backup.


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