Can't load MySQL Library

I installed MariaDB 5.2 in ubuntu 11.4, all was normal. However when I run the application, the following error appears: Can't load mysql library. library "", "", "". What went wrong and how can I fix it?


Iwan Setiawan

Answer Answered by Daniel Bartholomew in this comment.

I assume you installed MariaDB using the instructions on the Installing MariaDB .deb Files page? Which package did you install? mariadb-server or mariadb-server-5.2

It's hard to say without seeing the actual error message, but my guess is that you have an old libmysqlclient16 package lying around somewhere. You might be able to fix that by installing (or reinstalling) the libmysqlclient16 and libmariadbclient16 packages from the MariaDB repositories. Something like this would do the trick:

sudo apt-get install --reinstall libmysqlclient16 libmariadbclient16


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