What is MariaDB 10.0?

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MariaDB 10.0 is the development version of MariaDB. It is built on the MariaDB 5.5 series with backported features from MySQL 5.6 and entirely new features not found anywhere else.

Implemented Features

Features that are in a release, or in the source tree on launchpad.

New Features

New Features Re-implemented from a similar MySQL feature

New Features Backported from MySQL 5.6

  • New InnoDB — from MySQL 5.6.10 in MariaDB 10.0.4 onwards
  • Performance schema — from MySQL 5.6.10 in MariaDB 10.0.4 onwards
  • Optimized read only transaction (for InnoDB). This includes support for TRANSACTION READ ONLY.
  • Filesort optimization for queries using the ORDER BY ... LIMIT optimization - A useful optimization for showing only a few rows of a bigger result set. (MDEV-4026)
  • backport --plugin-load-add (MDEV-3860)
  • Online ALTER TABLE (MDEV-3933)
  • privileges on temporary tables
  • character set related extenstions
  • Temporal literals (such as TIME'12:34:56')

See Also

The following features may or may not be in 10.0. It depends on if we can find a sponsors for these or if someone in the community will help us with developing them:


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