What is MariaDB 10.1?

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The most recent release of MariaDB 10.1 is:
MariaDB 10.1.48 Stable (GA) Download Now

MariaDB 10.1 is the current stable version of MariaDB. MariaDB 10.1.8 is a stable/GA release.

The following lists the major new features in MariaDB 10.1:



Page Compression






XtraDB / InnoDB


For a list of all new variables, see System Variables Added in MariaDB 10.1 and Status Variables Added in MariaDB 10.1. Some of these, and other variable-related changes, include:


  • Password validation plugin API (MDEV-6431).
  • simple_password_check password validation plugin. It can enforce a minimum password length and guarantee that a password contains at least a specified number of uppercase and lowercase letters, digits, and punctuation characters.
  • cracklib_password_check password validation plugin. It only allows passwords that are strong enough to pass CrackLib test. This is the same test that pam_cracklib.so does, installed by default on many Linux distributions.


  • For a complete list of security vulnerabilities (CVEs) fixed across all versions of MariaDB, see the Security Vulnerabilities Fixed in MariaDB page.
  • Enhance security using special compilation options - MariaDB is now compiled with security hardening options by default. It is an additional protection layer that makes new, yet unknown, security vulnerabilities more difficult to exploit. (MDEV-5730)

List of all MariaDB 10.1 releases


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