Changes and Improvements in MariaDB 10.11

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MariaDB 10.11 is a current development branch. See Plans for MariaDB 10.11.

New Features & Improvements



  • Semi-join optimization for single-table update/delete statements (MDEV-7487)
  • Allow pushdown of queries involving UNIONs in outer select to foreign engines (MDEV-25080)
  • Make ANALYZE FORMAT=JSON show time spent in the query optimizer (MDEV-28926)

Information Schema

System versioning



  • Windows - passwordless login for mariadb root user, for OS admin users (MDEV-26715)



List of All MariaDB 10.11 Releases

DateReleaseStatusRelease NotesChangelog
17 Nov 2022MariaDB 10.11.1RCRelease NotesChangelog
26 Sep 2022MariaDB 10.11.0AlphaRelease Notes


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