Changes and Improvements in MariaDB 11.3

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MariaDB 11.3 is a previous rolling release. It is the first release in the new release model. From 11.3, we stop doing GA bug fix releases within each minor version. See Adjusting the MariaDB Server release model (


New Features & Improvements

Connection Redirection



  • Add keywords "SQL_BEFORE_GTIDS" and "SQL_AFTER_GTIDS" for START SLAVE UNTIL (MDEV-27247). SQL_BEFORE_GTIDS stops the replica when it sees gtids of the option's argument list, without executing them.

Data Types

  • It is now possible to create partitions on tables that contain GEOMETRY types (MDEV-19177)
  • INET4 data types can now be cast into INET6 types (MDEV-31626)
  • This means INET4 values can be compared with INET6 values and can be inserted into INET6 columns; the server can automatically convert INET4 value into INET6 as needed.


  • Key derivation function KDF for generating good encryption keys for AES_ENCRYPT (MDEV-31474)

Date and Time

  • DATE_FORMAT function can now print the current time zone abbreviation and current time zone offset from UTC with %Z and %z format specifiers. (MDEV-31684)



  • Add a new database-level privilege, SHOW CREATE ROUTINE that allows one to see the routine definition even if the user isn't the routine owner (MDEV-29167)


  • Added a SENT_ROWS column to the Information Schema PROCESSLIST table, as well as extended the display size for the columns in processlist to ensure that most results will fit in display (MDEV-3953)


  • Setting a non-default old_mode value will now always issue a deprecation warning (MDEV-31811)



  • The Spider storage engine now supports table options instead of having to encode them in COMMENT/CONNECTION strings. When any table option is specified, Spider will ignore COMMENT/CONNECTION strings at the same table/partition/subpartition. A new variable spider_ignore_comments is introduced to ignore them globally at all levels (table/partition/subpartition). Another variable, spider_suppress_comment_ignored_warning, is introduced to suppress warnings when Spider ignores COMMENT/CONNECTION strings. (MDEV-28856)


The following deprecated features and system variables have been removed (MDEV-32104):


List of All MariaDB 11.3 Releases

DateReleaseStatusRelease NotesChangelog
16 Feb 2024MariaDB 11.3.2Stable (GA)Release NotesChangelog
21 Nov 2023MariaDB 11.3.1RCRelease NotesChangelog
20 Sep 2023MariaDB 11.3.0AlphaRelease Notes


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