Batch insert mode for INSERTS

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MariaDB ColumnStore has the ability to utilize the cpimport fast data import tool for non-transactional “LOAD DATA INFILE’ and “INSERT INTO SELECT FROM” SQL statements. Using this method results in a significant increase in performance in loading data through these two SQL statements.

There are two variables that can be used:

  • The infinidb_use_import_for_batchinsert variable is used to control if cpimport is used for these statements. This variable may be set as a default for the instance, set at the session level, or at the statement level by toggling this variable on and off.
  • The infinidb_import_for_batchinsert_delimiter variable is used internally by MariaDB ColumnSTore on a non-transactional INSERT INTO SELECT FROM statement as the default delimiter passed to the cpimport tool. With a default value ascii 7, there should be no need to change this value unless your data contains ascii 7 values.


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