columnstore replication


I have three servers with mariadb 10.6.4 and mariadb-columnstore 5.6.2 installed and configured, one being Master and the other two are Replicas. Replication of innodb and columnstore tables are set up and working.

On three other servers I have the same settings but replication of columnstore tables stopped working after I upgraded to mariadb 10.6.7 and mariadb-columstore 6.2.3. The update was done automatically by Ubuntu. The innodb data are being synchronized.

I've already tried redoing the replica servers thinking they might have had a sync problem but the problem remains. So far, the only thing I've noticed is that SQL commands running on columnstore tables are not being logged in the mariadb-bin.* files.

Anybody got an idea about that?

Best regards

Answer Answered by Roman Nozdrin in this comment.


I suggest you to try the statement mode b/w master and replica b/c mixed or row shouldn't work for data in columnstore tables but only DDL should be replicated. I suggest you to ask future questions in the corresponding Columnstore google group.



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