Configuring Local PM Queries

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Local PM query mode

MariaDB ColumnSTore has the ability to query data from just a single PM instead of the whole database thru the UM. In order to accomplish this, the infinidb_local_query variable in the my.cnf configuration file is used and maybe set as a default for the instance or set at the session level. This variable applies only to executing a query on an individual PM and will error if executed on the UM. The PM must be set up with the local query option during installation. Please refer to the <<Administrator’s Guide-TBC>> for setting the default Local PM Query at the instance level.

Enable/disable local PM query

To enable/disable the use of the local PM Query at the session level, the following command is used. Once the session has ended, any subsequent session will return to the default for the instance.

set infinidb_local_query = n
where n is:
* 0 (disabled)
* 1 (enabled)


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