External (Connect) Tables read-only after MariaDB upgrade from to


I am testing MariaDB and I have ODBC connections to MSSQL server. This seemed to work pretty well in After we installed a new we could not get this working, all our external tables reported back as 'read-only'. (SQL Error (1036): Table '.....' is read only).

We started troubleshooting but couldn't figure out why. So we upgraded the version to as well and now we have the same problem there. I see a lot of changes to the Connect Engine in, so that might be the problem. But I cannot downgrade anymore, hence we now have a problem, since we cannot use the functionality anymore due to the fact that we cannot update or insert records into another MSSQL database (through triggers).

Does anyone have any clue what could cause this and how to solve this?

Thanks in advance!

Answer Answered by JHT Claessen in this comment.

Yes, the problem got solved with MariaDB support. I was using a srcdef query for retrieving the data. After switching to the tabname (which I couldn't get working in 10.0.12 and that's the reason I used srcdef) everything worked.


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