Comments - CONNECT ODBC Table Type: Accessing Tables From Another DBMS

4 months, 2 weeks ago Radim Machů

I run 10.4.12-MariaDB on Windows10 and I use 64-bit ODBC driver to connect tables from MS Access to MariaDB database.

Unfortunately, I am not able to connect view from mdb file.

Running such a query

  block_size=10 tabname='view_name_in_mdb'  DATA_CHARSET = cp1250

returns an error: Unsupported SQL type -2. As I expected, the same error is return when I tried to do some workaround and I added to previous connect a definition SRCDEF='select * from qAgSKzPoh'.

My question is: is there a possibility to make a connection to views stored in the mdb database?

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