Comments - Connecting to Multiple Local Directories as Datadir?

11 years, 9 months ago Vladislav Vaintroub

Frankly, I have a problem understanding a question .Tt was not stated directly, so I'd just guess you wanted to you would like to have datadir in a non-default directory

It is described in the docs

To use custom datadir, select "Database Instance" in the MSI feature tree during CustomSetup dialog, exactly like on the picture in docs. Select "Browse" to find or create directory where you want to have datadir. Done. Executables will still be in "C:\Program Files\..", data directory is whatever you chose.

There are multiple different ways to do the same. First, you can pass DATADIR as MSI parameter, described in MariaDB MSI installer documentation.

Next, you do not have to use installer to create database instance. You can always create a service using mysql_install_db.exe ( . You can pass data directory to this utility, as documented.

11 years, 8 months ago Richard Phillips

Clarification and Solution

This post should have been directed at connecting to an existing local database with a new install of MySQL Confusion on the understanding of the question is a result of my original question/description not being clear.

I have set up a MySql server/database on an external drive, I have moved this drive to a new computer that does not yet have MariaDB installed on it. I want to install MariaDB and connect to the Existing database files.

Solution - 1) Installed MariaDB as a service on new computer. 2) Stopped the service. 3) Copied the My.ini file from the server/database location on the external drive to the location of the new My.INI created during the install. 4) Re-started the service. And it worked.

Thank you.

11 years, 9 months ago Vladislav Vaintroub has a NOTE below. Make sure to read it, it is also about custom data directory (and tells essentially the same that I already wrote)

11 years, 8 months ago Richard Phillips

wlad, First, Thank you for responding, Second, let me apologize for not acknowledging of commenting sooner, I wanted to work with this and see if I was overlooking something. Additionally I purchased the MariaDB Crash Course book hoping that would help. I beleive I was not clear at all in my question, but I think I now know how to figure this out. Using your direction, and the idea that this is very much like an upgrade I should be able to make this work.

Thank you.

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