connect.json issue

while running as root user following test :


I am getting following error :

main.connect [ pass ] 10116 main.pool_of_threads [ pass ] 10801 worker[1] mysql-test-run: WARNING: Process [mysqld.1 - pid: 182117, winpid: 182117, exit: 1792] died after mysql-test-run waited 0.2 seconds for /data/mariadb-10.3.27-linux-systemd-x86_64/mysql-test/var/run/ to be created. connect.json [ fail ] Test ended at 2021-02-10 10:34:06

CURRENT_TEST: connect.json

Failed to start mysqld.1 mysqltest failed but provided no output

- saving '/data/mariadb-10.3.27-linux-systemd-x86_64/mysql-test/var/log/connect.json/' to '/data/mariadb-10.3.27-linux-systemd-x86_64/mysql-test/var/log/connect.json/'

Only 745 of 6410 completed. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- The servers were restarted 2 times Spent 20.917 of 30 seconds executing testcases

Failure: Failed 1/3 tests, 66.67% were successful.

Failing test(s): connect.json

The log files in var/log may give you some hint of what went wrong.

If you want to report this error, please read first the documentation at

599 tests were skipped, 0 by the test itself.

mysql-test-run: * ERROR: there were failing test cases

Any solution or can I run this test as non-root user?


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