correlation MYSQL_Types and c data types

hi im about to get into c-connector and executing prepared / bound statements.

i went through documentation, got some examples and started of to write own testprograms being aware of "a lot more challenging than python, java or php" said by a writer. it started of easy as c and pointers are common to me. years ago i was used to oracles dynamic sql programing method 4 whitch also works with binding method. but i'm struggeling since 2 week. it was caused by missunderstanding the binding reference.

why do i get fetch error when i do select a date field into a string buffer typed MYSQL_TYPE_DATE? but it works when i do not define buffer type? i found part of the answer in <Table 6.1 Permissible Input Data Types for MYSQL_BIND Structures> see <>.

question: would it be possible to add a complete <Table 6.1 ...> to the binding reference?

i learned c-connector would be easy for trained c programmers if there would be more detailed information binding structure a) for parameters and b) for results. this includes implicit conversions, i can't create a tutorial because of my lousy english. but i would help to create one in order c-programmers do not need to struggle any more with c-connectors.


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