crash recovery

An XtraDB database running in MariaDB - no cluster, no replication - has been crashing about 15 x per day for 3 days and we suspect it may be corrupt. We don't see any reason in the log files for the crashes.

We have taken a mysqldump and restored into a new db and run mysqlcheck on the new db and not fond any errors, but I suspect that the dumping and restoring has hidden them. After testing a staging site with this new database we are planning to repeat the process of dumping and restoring into a new db and then making it live.

I intend to run mysqlcheck on the production database once it is no longer in production. Any other suggestions from DBAs to this developer?

Answer Answered by roberto spadim in this comment.

execute smartctl and check if you have problems with file system/disk, check kernel if you have another error too, maybe memory leaks, out of memory, or hardware errors, just a good pratice when crash happens


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