Comments - Data Sampling: Techniques for Efficiently Finding a Random Row

6 years, 9 months ago Jan Steinman

This has long bugged me about SQL.

Could one write a UDF that would use an RNG to select rows by their internal row number to avoid a full table scan?

I've also noticed that RAND() appears to be biased. It will often return from within a small subset of records over and over, which seems to change every day, leading me to suspect they're using a Linear Congruential RNG seeded with the date.

6 years, 4 months ago Rick James

There is no hidden "row number". A UDF can't do better than use the PRIMARY KEY. For MyISAM, the location of a row is the byte offset into the .MYD; there is no list of these to probe. For InnoDB, one should provide a PK; if you don't there is an inaccessible 6-byte number that acts sort of like AUTO_INCREMENT; again, not practical.

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