dbForge Fusion for MySQL

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Plugin designed to simplify MySQL database development and management from Visual Studio

dbForge Fusion for MySQL is a powerful Visual Studio plugin designed to simplify MySQL database development and enhance data management capabilities. When you integrate dbForge Fusion for MySQL into Microsoft Visual Studio, all database development and administration tasks become available from your IDE. It provides an easier way to explore and maintain existing databases, design compound SQL statements and queries, and manipulate data in different ways.

Key features:

1. Integration with Visual Studio

  • All database development and administration tasks available from your IDE
  • SQL Editor, database object editors and other editors behave like usual IDE documents
  • Help integrated into Microsoft Visual Studio .Net

2. MySQL Connectivity

  • Support of Sphinx and Percona
  • Support of all MySQL server versions 3.23-5.x
  • Support of MariaDB
  • Secure connections via SSL/SSH
  • HTTP connections via PHP tunnel
  • Support of UTF-8 databases
  • Work with MySQL embedded server
  • Direct access to MySQL server without client libraries
  • Support of MySQL pluggable authentication when creating connection to MySQL server (PAM)
  • Support of Windows authentication when creating connection to MySQL server
  • Support of Amazon RDS

3. Administration and Maintenance

  • Comprehensive Security Manager to administer user accounts and privileges
  • Session manager for monitoring active MySQL server connections
  • Service control for starting and stopping MySQL servers
  • Table maintenance wizard for check, analysis, repair, and optimization of tables
  • Server Variables window
  • Server objects flush dialog

4. Data Analysis

  • Master-detail data browser
  • Data report generation wizard
  • Data report designer
  • Pivot table designer
  • Chart building wizard
  • Data search on a live database
  • Automatic data report generation and delivery to the requested destination

5. Data Comparison and Sync

  • Comparing and synchronizing data in databases of any size
  • Optional view comparison
  • Custom comparison keys support
  • Option for BLOB data comparison
  • Comparison results filtering
  • Data synchronization script generation
  • Per record viewing of data differences
  • Exclude tables and records from synchronization
  • Saving and loading of comparison settings
  • Generating accurate comparison reports in HTML and Excel formats
  • Comparison of custom query results (along with tables and views)
  • Possibility to include objects into comparison by mask, which is useful when comparing groups of tables

6. Data Editor

  • Asynchronous data fetch with ability to cancel the operation
  • Batch table update mode when changes are accumulated and applied explicitly
  • Copying data with column headers for quick paste to spreadsheet
  • Custom data filters of any complexity
  • Data Viewer window for browsing images, rtf, and binary cell values
  • Date time editor with visual interface
  • Foreign key lookup editor for easy editing of fields referencing other tables

7. Database Backup

  • Comprehensive MySQL backup and restore wizards
  • Schema or data only backups in addition to full backups
  • Large database (exceeding 2 Gb) support
  • Backup projects to save settings for future use
  • Zip compression for backup files
  • Error and status logging

8. Database Explorer

  • Multiple database connections allowed
  • Asynchronous connect to server with ability to cancel the operation
  • Detailed object properties and data browsing in Object Viewer window
  • Dependency tree browsing for each object
  • Duplicate object feature
  • Quick template script generation for selected object: SELECT, INSERT, EXECUTE, etc
  • Customizable DDL generation via wizard

9. Database Projects

  • New project wizard with import from an existing database
  • Project Explorer window for managing project files
  • Schema View window for browsing logical project structure
  • Project export into one script
  • Reference checking while building
  • Multiple build configurations
  • Single-click project deployment on the server
  • Code refactoring
  • Schema comparison tool integration
  • Workspace saving

10. Database Refactoring

  • Renaming of tables, columns, views, procedures, and functions
  • Preview of changes in the database with possibility to cancel them selectively
  • Possibility to generate refactoring script of a database without changing it
  • Refactoring feature can be accessed from Database Explorer and object editors
  • Possibility to rename several columns from object editor
  • If an error in processing dependencies is encountered, a user can fix it manually

11. Debugger

  • Stored procedure and function debugging
  • Trigger debugging
  • Script debugging
  • Step Into, Step Over, and Step Out commands for step-by-step execution
  • Breakpoints support for procedures, functions, triggers, and scripts
  • Breakpoints window
  • Call Stack window with navigation
  • Watches window for variable evaluation
  • Evaluation of session variables when debugging a script
  • Single-click debug engine deployment

12. Exporting and Importing Data

  • Data export to: CSV, XML, Text, XLS, PDF, DBF, HTML, RTF, MDB (Access), ODBC, SQL
  • Export data from multiple tables at once
  • Data import from: CSV, XML, Text, XLS, XLSX, DBF, MDB (Access), ODBC
  • Templates for exporting and importing

13. Flat Table Editor

  • Visual editor for tables
  • Convenient editor for foreign keys
  • Partitioning support
  • Editable column grid: columns can be added and edited without opening the popup dialog
  • Full-text search on the column grid
  • Schema changes can be viewed before updating database
  • Heuristics helps define data type of new columns

14. Integration with dotConnect for MySQL

  • Drag'n'drop objects onto form and dataset designers
  • Component editors extended with additional commands

15. Object Editors

  • Visual editors for columns, indexes, and views
  • Visual editors for triggers, events, and user-defined functions
  • Combined editors for stored procedures and functions
  • Ability to browse schema objects in a single editor (pin document)
  • Schema object search based on a variety of parameters

16. Query Builder

  • The state-of-art diagram with zooming and keyboard support
  • Preview and printing of the diagram
  • Visual addition of sub-queries to any part of the main query
  • Query outline (displayed in Document Outline window)
  • Visual editing of sub-queries
  • Expression builder for creating complex conditions

17. Query Profiler

  • SHOW PROFILE, EXPLAIN results and STATUS variables displayed in a UI
  • Plan of the query displayed in the tree view for easy review
  • Profiling history that can be saved for further analysis
  • Compare profiling results feature with differences highlight
  • Profiling results printing

18. Schema Comparison

  • Option to compare a database with a database
  • Option to compare a database with a project
  • Schema comparison reports generation
  • Synchronization between different server versions
  • Comparison results filtering
  • Schema synchronization script generation

19. SQL Editing and Execution

  • Automatic SQL syntax check
  • Code outlining with support of user-defined collapsing regions
  • Code Snippet Wizard
  • Context-sensitive code completion
  • Context-sensitive dynamic MySQL help accessible from the editor
  • Document Outline window for quick navigation through large scripts
  • Execution of scripts, selected SQL fragments, and statements

20. Visual Database Designer

  • Visualization of tables, views, and stored routines
  • Easy access to database objects for viewing their properties, editing, retrieving data, executing stored routines, etc.
  • Support for IDEF1X and IE notations
  • Customizable diagram look and feel with skin support
  • Smart diagram layout
  • Diagram export to different image formats

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