deadlock in Galera cluster

Hi I have been testing MariaDB with Galera cluster for distributed locking. I followed the post from

I can reproduce the deadlock at will. But interestingly if I run the script in parallel on two nodes only there there is locking. The minute I start the script on the third node bingo deadlock appear.

Hmm I wonder if some settings for Galera can explain that? wsre_thread_count ?

Regards, Steven

Answer Answered by Jeff Dyke in this comment.

I wish i knew when this was written. I am running Galera 25.3.20(r3703) with Maria 10.1.25 in the exact same configuration as the site (3 servers round robin) and can not reproduce this error, unless - like OP, i run it in parallel on 3 machines, two does not do the trick.

Did you have any luck with wsre_thread_count. Moving to a writable failover node in haproxy is really simple for my setup, but if there was another solution, that would be great!



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