Derived Tables & Column Store

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I have been having trouble with a stored procedure using derived tables joining to other column store tables and to innodb store tables. I have "SET infinidb_vtable_mode = 0;" prior to the SP call. I get "Table '/opt/tmp/#sql_7b29_0' is marked as crashed and should be repaired". After restart of the server the table name changes but the problem remains.

I couldn't find anything on this subject. Should I be able to use a derived table?

innodb_version = 5.7.20 version = 10.2.10-MariaDB-log version_comment = Columnstore 1.1.2-1

Answer Answered by David Thompson in this comment.

by derived tables do you mean: ?

There are a lot of limitations with stored procedures and columnstore tables right now. It might be best if you can post an example.


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