Comments - Does MariaDB support multiple data directories within a single instance?

9 years, 8 months ago roberto spadim

from mysql 5.0 manual, you should use DATA DIRECTORY AND INDEX DIRECTORY, mariadb is based (last version 10.0.3) in mysql 5.5, maybe 10.0.4 will merge mysql 5.6, but * DIRECTORY is older than 5.5, i think it support without problem, must test

9 years, 8 months ago Joshua Valencia

Sorry for not making this clear. I want to know if this works with InnoDB / XtraDB, which seems like a MySQL 5.6 addition:

From the link above, the DATA DIRECTORY option works with MYISAM in 5.0

9 years, 7 months ago Frank Flynn

You must use inno_db_file_pre_table which keeps the data for each table in a specific file for that table.

Turn on inno_db_file_pre_table, Rebuild your table (ALTER TABLE foo ENGINE=INNODB) Shut down your DB Move the file for that particular table to your special disk / storage device and symlink it from the original location (the DATA DIRECTORY) to the new location. (Make sure the files and symlinks are owned by mysql) Start your DB.

This will work as you expect.

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