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DROP [TEMPORARY] SEQUENCE [IF EXISTS] [/*COMMENT TO SAVE*/] sequence_name [, sequence_name] ...


DROP SEQUENCE removes one or more sequences created with CREATE SEQUENCE. You must have the DROP privilege for each sequence. MariaDB returns an error indicating by name which non-existing tables it was unable to drop, but it also drops all of the tables in the list that do exist.

Important: When a table is dropped, user privileges on the table are not automatically dropped. See GRANT.

If another connection is using the sequence, a metadata lock is active, and this statement will wait until the lock is released. This is also true for non-transactional tables.

For each referenced sequence, DROP SEQUENCE drops a temporary sequence with that name, if it exists. If it does not exist, and the TEMPORARY keyword is not used, it drops a non-temporary sequence with the same name, if it exists. The TEMPORARY keyword ensures that a non-temporary sequence will not accidentally be dropped.

Use IF EXISTS to prevent an error from occurring for sequences that do not exist. A NOTE is generated for each non-existent sequence when using IF EXISTS. See SHOW WARNINGS.

DROP SEQUENCE requires the DROP privilege.


DROP SEQUENCE only removes sequences, not tables. However, DROP TABLE can remove both sequences and tables.

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