The following variables are used on a replication slave to restrict replicated changes to specific databases and/or tables (see the MySQL manual for details on the semantics on how this works with statement-based and row-based replication):

In MariaDB, as of MariaDB 5.5.22, these variables have been made dynamic. This makes it possible to change them without having to restart the server.

The slave threads must still be stopped to change any of the above variables:

SET GLOBAL replicate_do_db = "mydb1,mydb2";
SET GLOBAL replicate_wild_ignore_table = "mydb1.local_%";

To specify multiple database names, table names, or wildcard patterns, separate them with commas. Note that this means that it is not possible to specify names or patterns that contain commas. If this is needed, it is necessary to use the command-line options in my.cnf and restart the server.


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