Comments - Embedded MariaDB Interface

There is no libmysqld.dll in latest windows releases. Are we supposed to build it ourselves? Maybe it's better to provide that download separately?

3 years ago Vladislav Vaintroub

We never tested it on Windows( also because our current windows build is undersized). I think not providing what we do not test is right thing to do. We did not hear many complaints. But can you tell why do you need this as opposed to normal client and normal server.


I need a database in GUI application, which is distributed to end users. Normal DB server would greatly complicate installation of app.

3 years ago Vladislav Vaintroub

you can use named pipes for communication, and you can assure the names of the pipes are unique. I.e you can start an instance, which is private to your application, and it does not need to be per-machine.

I can agree to extent, it can (just slightly) complicate the logic of the GUI app, as it would need to incorporate the startup and shutdown. But as for installation, as compared to current, libmariadb.dll, and mysqld.exe are needed, and nothing more.


libmysqld.dll requires charsets and errmsg.sys, I guess, mysqld.exe also requires those

3 years ago Vladislav Vaintroub

they require errmsg.sys, both of them . charsets,not sure, most are compiled in

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