error 1928 with 5.3.3 RC


I have a problem with the new 5.3.3-RC after upgraded from 5.3.2-Beta, having the following error: 1928 Internal error: Using too big key for internal temp tables

It occurs in a view joined by several tables and views. Are there any variables to adjust to avoid the error?

Thanks for any help

Answer Answered by Sergei Petrunia in this comment.

As far as I am informed, this should not be happening, and you've found a bug.

The bug is easiest to resolve when MariaDB developers have (in the order of decreasing importance):

1. query that causes the problem (absolutely needed) 2. EXPLAIN output for that query (absolutely needed) 3. DDLs of tables (strongly desired) 4. Dump of the tables (makes debugging faster but we could do without that)

Could you get that data and file a bug at ?

We would appreciate it (and try to fix ASAP)


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