Executing a command file from within a command file?

I have a bunch of things I'd like to execute one after the other. A simple example would be: - drop table x; - drop table y; - create table y by executing create_table_y.sql - create table x by executing create_table_x.sql

With the mysql command line, I can execute "drop table x;", and I can execute a SQL script with -e "source create_table_x.sql".

But what is the good way to bundle all these together into a script which will do all the actions? The only way I can think of is to create a batch file which will call out to mysql for each action. And pass the password as an argument to the batch file. Like this: mysql -u root -p mypassword -e "drop table x;" mysql -u root -p mypassword -e "drop table y;" mysql -u root -p mypassword -e "source create_table_y.sql" mysql -u root -p mypassword -e "source create_table_x.sql"

But this seems fairly clunky. Is there a better, or even best practice?

John D.


You can put the source command in a file. Like in

drop table x;
drop table y;
source create_table_y.sql;
source create_table_x.sql;


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