Existing Ansible Modules and Roles for MariaDB

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This page contains links to modules and roles that can be used to automate MariaDB deployment and configuration. The list is not meant to be exhaustive. Use it as a starting point, but then please do your own research.


At the time time of this writing, there are no MariaDB-specific modules in Ansible Galaxy. MySQL modules can be used. Trying to use MySQL-specific features may result in errors or unexpected behaviour. However, the same applies when trying to use a feature not supported by the MySQL version in use.

Currently, the MySQL collection in Ansible Galaxy contains at least the following modules:

  • mysql_db: manages MySQL databases.
  • mysql_info: gathers information about a MySQL server.
  • mysql_query: runs SQL queries against MySQL.
  • mysql_replication: configures and operates asynchronous replication.
  • mysql_user: creates, modifies and deletes MySQL users.
  • mysql_variables: manages MySQL configuration.

Note that some modules only exist as shortcuts, and it is possible to use mysql_query instead. However, it is important to notice that mysql_query is not idempotent. Ansible does not understand MySQL queries, therefore it cannot check wether a query needs to be run or not.


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