Comments - Full Backup and Restore with Mariabackup

2 years, 1 month ago Graeme Glenn

Mariadb 10.3 - Mariabackup fails on restore. Even taking ownership of all files with the SYSTEM account just does not work. But a complete system backup with Macrium Reflect and then stop the MySQL service, extract the data files from the backup and place in the data directory, and restart the MySQL service works a treat. The set of files in the Macrium reflect backup abart from the various database directories are: - aria_log.00000001 - 'machine name'.err - aria_log_control - ib_buffer_pool - ib_logfile0 - ib_logfile1 - ibdata1 - ibtmp1 - - my.ini - 'machine name'.pid This is not the same as what is produced by mariabackup.

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