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I have installed MariaDB version 10.5.22-1.el9_2.x86_64. I want to modify the full-text search behavior to consider all non-whitespace characters as "word characters." Whitespace characters should include space, tab, carriage return (CR), and line feed (LF).

I found an example full-text plugin in MariaDB version 10.0.38 that appears to achieve this functionality. After compiling it into a shared library (.so) and copying it to /usr/lib64/mariadb/plugin, I attempted to load it with the command install soname <plugin_name>. However, I received the error message "ERROR 1127 (HY000): Can't find symbol 'mysql_plugin_declarations' in library."

How can I fix this error? Alternatively, are there other ways to achieve my desired full-text search behavior?



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