Future of MariaDB?

Where I work, we depend heavily on MySQL. We were recently made aware that Oracle may be slowly closing the source of MySQL; though we are a Sun customer, we depend heavily (and prefer) open source. I mentioned this to my boss and his response was to ask of the future of MariaDB -- because if this project doesn't survive, we're stuck with having to find yet another DB -- in that case, we might have to drink the Oracle koolaid if it comes to that, or move to PostgreSQL (something I've never touched).

Commentary on these topics would be interesting to hear.

Answer Answered by Sergei Golubchik in this comment.

So far the project is doing good. We have quite a lot of users, the adoption is growing. We have partners that provide MariaDB support. We don't have any plans to abandon the development.

And while I cannot tell you the future, I hope the project will survive for many years to come. We're doing everything to ensure it.


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