Galera cluster mariadb - binlog ?

Hi all,

My environment : I have a galera cluster Mariadb with 3 nodes (10.1.22).

Can binlog records every changes happens with my dbs so I can restore my dbs to point in time ? Or make an external Mariadb instance becomes a slave and replicate from my cluster ?

I run full backup (mysqldump) my dbs on node1 weekly.

If I enable binlog on node1 in my cluster , binlogs only record changes happen on node1 , so these binlogs are useless .

Can I make node1's binlogs records all events happen on 3 nodes in clusters ? Or I have to enable binlog on 3 nodes ? Does "log_slave_updates" help ?

Please give me some advice, thank you very much.

Answer Answered by Geoff Montee in this comment.

Like with MariaDB replication, write sets that are received by a node with Galera Cluster's certification-based replication are not written to the binary log by default. If you would like a node to write its replicated write sets to the binary log, then you will have to enable log_slave_updates. This is especially helpful if the node is a replication master. See Using MariaDB Replication with MariaDB Galera Cluster: Configuring a Cluster Node as a Replication Master.


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