Get the error log of Mariadb

Hi there.

First of all sorry if I shouldn't be asking this.

I have a big database with MariaDB running on CentOS 7, and recently it has been crashing about a time a day. I'm affraid to try anything and crush all database, making it offline for some time.

I can't see what is the problem of it, because I cant find the error log of it.

How can I enable it or start it?


Answer Answered by Guillaume Lefranc in this comment.

By default in CentOS, your error log must be in /var/lib/mysql/hostname.err (replace hostname by the real hostname of your server). If it has changed, you can try the following to find the location of it:

  1. grep -R log_error /etc/mysql/*

or connect to the server using the mysql command-line utility, and;

MariaDB> SHOW VARIABLES LIKE 'log_error';

By the way, the IRC channel or the mariadb mailing list may be a better place to ask for help.


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