Google Summer of Code 2013

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We plan to participate in Google Summer of Code 2013. MariaDB and the MariaDB Foundation believes we are making a better database that remains a drop-in replacement to MySQL. We also work on making LGPL connectors (currently in C, Java, C++ in development) and we also work on MariaDB Galera Cluster which allows you to scales your reads & writes.

Where to start

Please join us at at #maria to mingle with the community.

LDAP authentication plugin

We would like the authentication system to be able to authenticate against a LDAP Directory Server.

Skills: C, working knowledge of LDAP


Kerberos authentication plugin

Kerberos is a security mechanism used in a lot of financial institutions. A MySQL plugin that allows authentication against Kerberos is the goal here.

Skills: C/C++, working knowledge of Kerberos


Active Directory authentication plugin

The Microsoft Windows world is all about Active Directory and upstream MySQL Enterprise already has this feature (though its a paid offering). It would be great to have an opensource equivalent.

Skills: C/C++, working knowledge of Active Directory/SAMBA, Windows-based development environment


EXPLAIN output in JSON format

MySQL 5.6 and greater has the EXPLAIN output in JSON format. The code is a good example about how the JSON tree needs to be structured, but you can't directly lift it off because the implementation isn't proper. Working with us, you will create the feature to be compatible with MySQL, yet be widely usable inside of MariaDB.

Skills: C/C++, JSON


memcached InnoDB interface

MySQL 5.6 allows memcached to be persistent using InnoDB as a backing store. This feature would be nice in MariaDB.

Skills: C/C++, memcached protocol, InnoDB internals


Full-text search engine plugin

Today, fulltext search happens based on storage engines. MyISAM had this for the longest time, and InnoDB in MySQL 5.6/MariaDB 10.0 has it too. We would like to make full-text search as a plugin, so it will be engine-independent.

Ideally, it'll allow to add full-text search to any table, independently from the storage engine, providing fully integrated SQL syntax, still allowing to chose different underlying FTS implementations. (WL#143)

Skills: C/C++

Mentor: Sergei Golubchik


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