Google Summer of Code 2015

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We participate in Google Summer of Code 2015. MariaDB and the MariaDB Foundation believe we are making a better database that remains a drop-in replacement to MySQL. We also work on making LGPL connectors (currently in C, Java, C++ in development) and on MariaDB Galera Cluster, which allows you to scale your reads & writes.

Where to start

Please join us at at #maria to mingle with the community. Or subscribe to Or both.

At the moment, tasks that may be suitable for GSoC 2015 are listed in the MariaDB Issue Tracker under «GSoC 2015 tasks»

Some suggested projects

GIS enhancements to MariaDB

GIS enhancements for 10.1 that we want to work on include adding support for altitude (the third coordinate), converters (eg. ST_GeomFromGeoJSON - ST_AsGeoJSON, ST_GeomFromKML - ST_AsKML, etc.), Getting data from SHP format (shp2sql convertor), as well as making sure we are fully OpenGIS compliant. MDEV-5813

Skills: C

Mentor: Holyfoot

Port InnoDB memcached interface to MariaDB

MySQL 5.6 has a memcached plugin to InnoDB. MySQL 5.7 has improved performance of this. The task would be to port this to run against MariaDB, and make it work against XtraDB/InnoDB for the 10.1 series of MariaDB.

See MDEV-4674 for more.

Skills: C/C++

Mentor: Colin Charles

Suggest a task

Are you a student interested in working on something? Let us know here.


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