Help, Install server style but with MariaDB

Hello, I would like to know who is interested in renting a dedicated server or VPS to use as free hosting provider MySQL / MariaDB as does page.

The intention is to make it free, be maintained by donations and serve as a source of research and development to support developers of MariaDB and provide usage statistics and performance at a high concurrency engine data.

I can handle the installation and maintenance of the server as well as the page to enlist users but I do not have the financial means to register the domain and server rent in the first month, the idea is not that I get money , but among several agree to pay the total (about $ 40 or $ 50 USD).

I would like to know your opinions about, any comments or ideas are welcomed. If anyone can help us with something else also would be helpful.

What you think of the idea? make comments

(This is a translation, I'm from Venezuela)


Closing this question, as the best place to ask would be in forums where people can contact you directly.


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