Comments - How can I Import Only a Table's Structure?

9 years, 6 months ago roberto spadim

well with software "everything" is possible

db software -> need sql? key-value? cluster? replicas? low/high traffic? resource use? best integration with o.s. and hardware? i think that's some doubts you must answer with tests

relationship -> use innodb/xtradb or other engine with foreign key, mariadb/mysql have many engines to general jobs and specific jobs

tables -> any sql database that i know use tables, the main problem about tables is how it store data, how fast it retrieve data, how much resource it use, what parts of acid it support, what's the lock level (table,partition,page,row), and how you app use tables to get best performace and solve problems

queries -> today you can use sql, maybe handlersocket or memcache (must check if mysql plugin work with mariadb server) with plugins at mariadb

reports -> you must have a client side program to do this, mariadb is a database at server-side, there's many client-side programs to execute reports, you must know what you need and select the best, maybe get a code language and write some code solve your problem too (php/python/perl and others are nice and easy to use)

what was your question?

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