How to install MariaDB Galera without internet connection( without YUM)?

Hi guys,

I want to install a HA ( high availability ) environment without internet, but I am a rookie. Most webs, I can't find relative information how to do this job.

First, how to do with step by step instructions, please? Second, is it correct that I must have 4 PCs ( 3 cluster nodes and 1 HA proxy)?

Answer Answered by Daniel Black in this comment.

You need 3 cluster nodes minimum to determine quorum. HA proxy can be on one or more of these nodes. Note a 1 HA node proxy becomes a single point of failure.

Some possible architectures:

Exact deployment will depend on requirements. Get professional help if you are out of your depth. Various blogs on galera and HA have been written and transcribing those to a comprehensive step by step guide is beyond the level I'm willing to write up.


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