Comments - How to Produce a Full Stack Trace for mysqld

10 years, 7 months ago Jean Weisbuch
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To build a "mysqld" binary with debugging enabled that uses same parameters as the ones used in Debian/Ubuntu binary packages, you must do (you must have a deb-src line of one of the MariaDB repositories on your /etc/apt/sources.list in order to do that) :

apt-get build-dep mariadb-5.5
apt-get install cmake libaio1 libaio-dev
apt-get source mariadb-5.5
cd mariadb-5.5*
./debian/rules configure

Then you will have your "debugging enabled" mysqld binary in the sql/ directory.

This binary can directly replace the one provided by the binary package that is placed on "/usr/bin/mysqld".

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