how to run a windows cmd file to run commands as an automated job.

I need to automate dataloading into my mariadB database.

I'm a super noob.. apologies in advance....

I created two cmd files......


[My File].... data.cmd

CD C:\Program Files (x86)\MariaDB 10.3\bin

mysql -h -u root < Z:\dataloader.cmd


[My File].... dataloader

mysql -h -u root KPDashboard < Z:\collection\vinfo_data-load.sql

mysql -h -u root KPDashboard < Z:\collection\datastore-sql-loader.sql

mysql -h -u root KPDashboard < Z:\collection\host-sql-loader.sql

I created a windows cmd file (data) to open the maridB prompt and run the lines in (data loader) as a scheduled task...

This runs but when I check via heidiSQL it show no data was loaded.. so epic fail? .

If I open the mariadb cmd prompt and run the dataloder.cmd it runs and updates my dB.

So I'missing something somewhere?

Can anyone provide some direction.




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