Comments - Hybrid replication - issue

5 years, 7 months ago Daniel Black

Its not hybrid, it just sync and async are used.

a two node cluster is susceptible to split brain - don't do it.

a single node isn't a cluster so don't pretend it is.

The direction of your async replication isn't clear. If it goes in both you can't write to both at the same time.

You could just make a 3 node cluster across the WAN and you may not have any troubles at all. Don't make assumptions that it won't work.

How you initialised the slave isn't clear. Guessing a restore from mysqldump into a dc1 node that wasn't the replication master. However that occurred, taking a dump of nodeX_dc1 and loading into dc2 will probably clear your problem.

This more of an architectural mess/fail question that is better asked on a mailing list rather an asking a specific question on an existing article or functionality that would benefit users of this wiki.

5 years, 7 months ago trupti mali

Thanks for response Daniel. I will take it onto mailing list then.

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